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Quitting or Leaving Work辞职

When the time comes to leave work, you can do whatever you want. You can raise hell, say you hate everyone and yell out, 'I quit!!!' But in other cases when you want to leave professionally, you can use this lesson to help. 

当你要离开工作的时候,你可以做任何你想做的事情,你可以捣乱,说你恨每个人,大喊大叫:“我不干了! ! !”但在其他情况下,当你想要更好地离开的时候,你可以利用这节课来帮助你。
There's a common phrase when you are leaving a company. 'Don't burn the bridge.' 

This is basically saying you should leave on a good term. If you leave on a good note, then you have the option of coming back to the company or your position if something goes wrong with your next job. So basically, you are leaving the bridge back to your position. 

If you are leaving because you have an offer from a different company, here are some professional statements you can make to your manager. 

"Hi Mark, I have a wonderful opportunity to work at a different company. I enjoyed my time here, but I shouldn't pass this up. I am putting in my two week notice." 你好,马克,我在另一家公司有一个很不错的工作机会,我在这里过得很愉快,但我不应该错过这个机会,我正在递交我的离职报告。

Remember that in the States, changing job is very common. So it is no big deal when you leave a company. Businesses understand the need for change and realize that some people want different challenges in their life. So don't be nervous when you have to leave. 

Giving a two week notice is standard. This gives your current employer the chance to hire someone to replace you. It also gives some time for you to finish the remaining work you have to do. Not giving a two week notice is one way to burn a bridge. The new company you are going into should realize this and will not expect you to start your job immediately if you have to give a two week notice. If you don't have a job, then this doesn't apply to you. 


Here is another example. 这是另一个例子。
"Hi Mark, unfortunately I have to tell you that I am leaving the company. I really enjoyed my time here and I appreciated all your help on my tasks. I have to put in my two week notice." 你好,马克,不幸的是,我不得不告诉你,我要离开公司了,我真的很享受在这里的时光,感谢你对我的工作的帮助,我必须递交我的离职报告。

"Hi Mark, I received an offer from a different company. This is a great opportunity for me so I accepted the offer. My decision on leaving is not because I didn't like my duties here. I really enjoyed my experience. But I am at a point where I want to find other challenges. I hope you can understand." 你好,马克,我收到了另一家公司的录用,这对我来说是一个很好的机会,所以我同意了,我决定离开不是因为我不喜欢我在这里的工作,我真的很喜欢我的经历,但我想说的是我想寻找其他的挑战,我希望你能理解。

I have seen some people leave the company to go on a year trip around the world. Others I have seen just wanted to spend more time with their kids. I know in some countries it is hard to get back into a company after you leave, but in the States, if you are a good employee, it is easy to get their job back. Many times after a long break, they returned to the same company. 我看到有些人离开公司去环游世界一年,我看到的其他人只是想花更多的时间和他们的孩子在一起,我知道在一些国家,你离开公司后就很难再回去,但在美国,如果你是一个好员工,你很容易就能回去工作,在很长一段时间后,他们又回到了同一家公司。
"Mark, I have decided to leave the company. I have worked here for 10 years and I really enjoyed it. But I want to take a break and spend more time with my family. So I am putting in my two week notice." 马克,我已经决定离开公司了,我在这里工作了10年,真的很享受。但我想休息一下,花更多的时间和家人在一起,所以我正在递交我的离职报告。

"Hi Mark, I have come to a decision to leave the company. I am going to travel for a year and this is the best time period for me to do so. I have always wanted to travel for an extended time period, and this is the only time I can do it. I can work for another month, so hopefully that should give you some time to find a replacement. And if you want, I can train the new employee on my areas." 你好,马克,我已经决定离开公司了,我打算去旅行一年,并且这里是我度过的最好的时间,我一直想要旅行一段时间,这是我唯一能做这个的时间,我可以再工作一个月,所以希望这能给你一些时间去找一个替代者,如果你愿意,我可以在我的领域培训新员工。