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What are the chances of

By asking 'what are the chances of' you are wondering how often or in what case would a particular thing happen.
通过问'what are the chances of'你想知道多久或在什么情况下一件特定的事情会发生。
Here are some examples: 这里有一些例子:

"What are the chances of getting tickets?" 买票的几率有多大?

"What are the chances of that happening?" 发生这种事的可能性有多大?

"What are the chances of it raining today?" 今天下雨的概率有多大?

"What are the chances of winning the lottery?" 买彩票中奖的概率是多少?

When replacing the word 'the' with 'your' or 'our' you can ask what the chances 'personally' that the topic will happen.
当用'your' 或者'our'来取代'the'的时候你可以问即将发生话题'personally'的概率是多少。
Here are some examples: 这里有一些例子:

"What are the chances of you staying home today?" 你今天待在家的几率是多少?

"What are your chances of getting the job?" 你得到那份工作的几率是多少?

"What are your chances of improving?" 你提升的几率是多少?

"What are your chances of moving?" 你搬家的几率是多少?

"What are our chances of staying together?" 我们待在一起的几率是多少?

"What are our chances of working together?" 我们在一起工作的几率是多少?

"What are our chances of going together?" 我们一起走的几率是多少?